Thursday, April 8, 2010

this beautiful face is my granddaughter Annarose. the other day we were skyping (she lives in vancouver canada...i live in the Philippines); i think she was lonely because she and her older brother caleb were at home alone. mom and dad had gone out to a concert. they are certainly old enough to be left on their own, but whatever...rosie wanted to skype.

for 3 1/2 hours, we skyped/chatted at the same time. one of the cousins who lives here chimed in, and caleb as well; he was going from room to room as we talked. it was goofy.

rosie started to get so sleepy; caleb had gone to bed, elijah (here) on to other activities. the boys were smacktalking so i was glad when they quit; rose was horrified at their language. (it wasn't real bad, just 12-year-old boy talk, you know. nini (grandma) is shocked by nothing).

i told her to brush her teeth, and get into bed with the computer beside her and emma and i would watch her go to sleep. i began reading books to emma, rosie listening and watching quietly. within about ten minutes, she drifted off to sleep. it was simply awesome to watch this lovely girl close her eyes and begin to breathe deeply and just relax to the sound of my voice and emma's little voice chirping.

what a tremendous privilege as a long-distance grandmother, to virtually babysit and even put to sleep, this beautiful child. my heart was so grateful.

i did not stop watching her until mommy came into the room in vancouver far-away and said, "mom, are you still there?" and i was.

i had promised, you see. to watch her while she slept. to watch till mom and dad came home.

promises must be kept.

reminds me of SOMEONE else i know.

his promises must be kept. and they always are.

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