Friday, April 2, 2010

easter weekend.

the single most important time in christianity's history.

good friday.

a time of darkness, of weeping, of blood and shame and grief.

a day of infamy.

but....someone sent me these words today...

"Jesus did not have to die, He chose to! He told His captors, "I could ask my Father for thousands of angels....and He would send them instantly....But if I did, how would the Scriptures be fulfilled that described what is happening now?" The force behind the hammer was not an angry mob....the hand squeezing the handle was not a Roman infantry-man....the verdict....was not decided by jealous Jews. Jesus Himself chose the nails....Had the soldier hesitated Jesus Himself would have swung the mallet."


Jesus, thank you for the cross.

for after the cross, comes a new day.

a day of light, and laughter, and life and joy and peace.

Jesus, thank you for the empty tomb.

Father God, thank you for the plan- the master plan from before the foundation of the world.

it worked! and we rejoice.

happy easter, everyone.

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