Sunday, April 11, 2010

i'm tired.

it's been a crazy week.

i've had numerous medical tests, none of which will i have results for till later this week. i've been having palpitations at night for several weeks now. scary to wake up with your heart pounding hard like it's going to blow out of your chest...and not being able to breathe right. during the day i'm fine, even doing exercise. when i did the treadmill stress test, it was my knee that gave out, not my heart.


i am encouraging myself in God.

i will trust and not be afraid.

i speak to my body, thanking it for being so dependable for all these years. (nigh onto 60!)

i rejoice in the health i do have, and in the great doctors i've found.

tonight, tho i'm just tired...and a little blue, cuz daddy has flown away to india again...

but tomorrow is another day full of God's mercies (plural) and i'm sure after a night's rest i'll be just fine.

good night, world.

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Country Gal said...

Such a scary time! Praying that you will have answers - but mostly that you will continue to have peace. It's hard to trust and not be afraid - but God is good and His mercies are forever!