Saturday, April 3, 2010

it's saturday.

the kids are here for a sleep over. 5 boys (M, Franz, Gil, Brian Joy, and Patrick) and merry faye. elijah was out with his own buddies for a very belated birthday treat.

emma was ecstatic to go swimming with all her "kids". she just jumps into the pool with them and away she goes. fortunately she has a very floaty swimsuit with lots of styro pockets!

then we came home to a big spaghetti supper. played the smartie game (rules invented by us) and papa played too which is always more fun. then...we had homemade banana splits.

then- more bugs bunny cartoons. papa has a cd of the old, antique ones with the accents and all. the boys love it. actually merry faye is watching 2012 in the blue room.

yes, it's saturday.

and if you would like to know what the smartie game is, ask me and i'll be happy to share!

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