Monday, April 26, 2010

i'm skipping over some of my WINGS notes (the definitions of, descriptions of, effects of se*ual abuse as it's just too graphic for a blog that children read...) and going straight to the recovery process that we have found to be effective and helpful.

Recovery Process

Facing the Situation Honestly

One of the hardest things to do is to look honestly at the mess of our lives. Looking at the horror and unfairness of what has happened to us, and looking at what we have contributed to the mess over the years, takes a brave heart. But we must honestly and bravely face the damage in our lives as we begin the process of rebuilding.

It doesn’t do any good to bury the memories or the thoughts or the anger. It has to be brought out into the light to be healed and fixed. Hiding is a cop-out. No matter how painful the process is, it is more painful to hide it all inside.

Receiving Help and Hope

The important thing to realize is that we are not alone. We need each other. We must be in a support group with others who have faced the same challenges. And we must believe that we have a God who desires to enter into our lives and restore and heal.

to be continued...

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