Friday, April 16, 2010

well, today really is friday.

all day yesterday i thought it was friday. that was how bad wednesday was....bad enough for two days.

this has been a horrible week.

medical issues- won't go into detail.

i am feeling better...drove for 3 hours today all around the city.


i found a new hypermarket that i am in love with.

it's out in the province, far far away.

i was the only white person in the whole mall...and i think MOST of them had never seen one before.

emma wanted noodles and "kung fu panda" fish balls for lunch. DON'T ASK. she did not eat them.

but she did ride some of the little kid rides in the arcade. she loved that. it was VERY NOISY in there and we got stared at a fair bit. the last thing we did was play a little ball game and she got 20 points worth of stickers so that was worth two lovely hair bands which she put on her wrist for bracelets and she was thrilled.

i had siopao for lunch. (google it)

then on our way home we stopped for a while and just smelled the flowers. you can do that out in the province.

I LOVE THE COUNTRY! i'm done being a city girl. back to my roots. perhaps i should buy a cow. i do know how to milk!!! and make butter and cheese!


can you tell i'm feeling better?

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