Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i took 3 little girls swimming today. emma, sarah joy, and cath. (daughter, granddaughter, foster granddaughter)

this is quite a production when you live where i live. (metro manila)

it involves 3 hours of driving. (because of the's actually only about 20 km to the complex) not just me, but the person who had to drive sarah joy and cath to my house too. they are about 12 km away from me.

it involves an awesome picnic lunch (corned beef and rice), cold drinks, (coke, marinda orange, yakult - which emma calls "COLT"- chocolate milk, and ice water), homemade choc chip cookies, fresh yellow mangoes, chips, and hard candies to suck in the van for tummies that don't like traveling. (that would be emma and cath.)

towels. blankets. bathing suits. sunscreen. camera. oh, and a red checkered tablecloth and napkins, without which no picnic is complete.

watching little girls laugh, play, splash, interact, make new friends, and enjoy God's beautiful creation, is just THE BEST. they picked flowers and decorated our bodega. they wrote their names on the pebbles. they giggled, played hide and seek, and did cannonballs. they practiced all their swim strokes. they were in absolute child heaven for an afternoon.

this is why i live! ;)

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