Thursday, July 23, 2009

when emma was a baby...

here are some writings from when emma was a that she's 3, she's so grown up!

when i first held her in my arms:


a little angel fluttered into my life yesterday-
6 pounds of tiny baby girl
with wavy black hair and scrunchy eyes and a fleeting smile..
oh, that baby smile…
she was born at 5 am, and by 10 am she was "in her home", as she says.
i had forgotten the maternal rush of caring for
a helpless human being solely dependent on me…
i had forgotten the smell of “fresh baby”…
i had forgotten how soft the little hands are,
how the cheek feels like a young leaf…

emma is no trouble, as my heart assured me.
she squeaks when she’s hungry, screeches when her diaper needs changing,
and sleeps the rest of the time. Sometimes
she lays on the pillow in the window, where I have her in the light,
and her dark eyes watch the tree waving outside.
what is she thinking, I wonder…
does she know she is a treasure straight from the heart of God-
a gift of "mercy" as her given name says.
when I feed her, I look deep into her inscrutable oriental eyes
and firmly I say, “emma, I love you, beautiful girl,
and Jesus loves you,
and mommy and daddy are so very thankful for you…”
she’s only been in our lives for a week-
but she will remember that we have loved her and accepted her with all our hearts.

How do you measure baby love..
How do you count the quiet hours, her tiny sighs,
her warm snuggles, her tummy tears, her dark eyes watching..

My life has slowed to the pace of a newborn child.
The nights are quiet, her breath near my ear
As she sleeps beside me on her feather pillow
(fit for a princess, papa says..),
Each little movement a signal that my heart knows..

The days wrap slowly around her growing,
Like a little plant reaching for the sun-
Her hungry little rosebud mouth turning to the milk,
Her little brown body filling out, dimpling, stretching..
Her patience- sometimes frustration- with her carseat and traffic…

Her personality is emerging-
she likes to be up and watching everything-
She is offended by loud noises and too close unfamiliar faces,
She turns her head to papa’s voice
and rests her two little hands
In his big ones
And smiles and goos and he falls hopelessly in love…

The sweetness of this baby is all new.
So long ago were our others that we can hardly remember…
Emma is a fresh treasure.

Life is uncertain; each moment is a guaranteed gift;
All we know is that we cherish each day loving her
As if it were the last.
Today was a twinkly day.

My baby, running around in her shiny black patent boots,
her adorable silky black curls framing that tiny face...
the shining shroud of rain,
slamming down on our truck as we inched
through the traffic,
the splashes coming through the window on her
as i taught her “Rain, Emma! Rain!!!”
and her little almond eyes wrinkling up;
her squeals of delight as she pulls
bright things off the shelves in the supermarket...
and her joy when we get home
and find that they have been bought
quite accidentally
by mommy
who really didn't want them...
red christmas lights on the tree...
yellow lights on the window...
a sparkly ball of lights hanging from the ceiling...
best of all,
the twinkles in her eyes
at everything in her day that's fun-
all is delightful to her.
A bath.
A meal.
A bottle, and her blanket.
Her little crib full of soft stuffed toys.
The way she takes the shoelaces
out of daddy's shoes and prances around.
Yes- twinkles were emma's thing today,
as she mischiefed her way through this happy friday.

three whole years of joy with this precious little girl! how blessed we are. Thank you, Lord of the children, for your gift of love.

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