Tuesday, July 21, 2009


God is not in a hurry, dear!
The work He chose for you
Can wait, if He is giving you
Another task to do.
Or, if He calls you from your work
To quietness and rest,
Be sure that in the silence
You may do His bidding best.

You cannot be a joy to Him
If thus with frown and fret
You turn at each new call of His
To find new lessons set.
The old familiar tasks were dear,
And ordered by His hand
But come and tread another way:
It is as He has planned.

And yesterday He led you there;
And now He wants you here;
And what shall be tomorrow’s work
Tomorrow shall make clear.
So patiently and faithfully
Let each day’s course be run;
God is not in a hurry , dear,
His work will all be done.

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