Sunday, July 26, 2009

a glimpse of the future...

God knows my heart. Because we adopted our Emma when we were in our late fifties, the chances that we will live to see her as an older woman are slim. In the depths of my heart, this hurts. Our oldest daughter is almost 40, and it's a joy to watch her mature and gracefully become a middle-agd woman...but Emma? she's just 3, and when she's 40, we would be 90's...what are the chances?

God gave us this lovely friend of many years- Zonia- to show us what Emma will look like when she's older. Their facial features are the same. Their race is the same (Filipino). the soft brown skin is the same, and as I watch Zonia's black eyes sparkle and her wrinkled face shine as she talks and laughs...I am looking into the future and seeing my Emma's face in 70 years.

Zonia and our family have a special bond. Zonia's husband "Dr. T" was our closest friend, mentor, father and prophet here in our adopted homeland of the Philippines. They spent Christmases with us. They cared for our children. They cheered us on through thick and thin. He has gone ahead to be with God. Zonia, his love of 50 years, is still here, a precious part of our lives. They both believed in us and encouraged us to adopt Emma as an act of faith and love. True friends.

Zonia lives just a few doors down from us now, alone. Almost every day I send some of our dinner over to her so she doesn't have to cook when she gets home tired after work. (yes, she still works full-time!) This morning at church she gave me a hug, as she always does, and said, with eyes full of tears, "thank you for loving me!"

what could I say in return? She is not just a friend. She's a beautiful woman of intelligence and spunk. I could have no better example for my Emma to follow...and I choose to believe that Emma will indeed be just like her "Lola" Zonia...intelligent, strong, ambitious, determined, highly educated, capable, compassionate, funny, and a lover of God.

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J said...

She is truly inspiring...especially when you consider her story.