Saturday, July 4, 2009

a few things that have happened in the past few days...

i finally got a pain-free dental treatment (prilocaine, my new best friend) and only have 2 more to go to complete this root canal

we are battling head lice with all our natural weapons...listerine...coconut oil...tea tree oil...vinegar...brings a whole new meaning to the word "nitpicking!"

emma puked in my lap while we were in the bathroom at macdonalds...i was sitting on the toilet and she was standing in front of me, upset and whining..."mommy, i need a tissue...raaalllppphhh!" i've never ever had spaghetti in my underwear before

dennis made it to the last notch on his cowboy belt and is so proud of his weight loss

dennis made a new will (since he's going to nepal and all...)

emma has grown out of all her shoes- suddenly, just like that, in the last week, nothing fits her!

our house is once again infested with mice. gotta buy a new electric repellant.

that's just a few teasers. isn't life wonderful!

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