Friday, July 31, 2009

things i have said, again, this past 5 days!

"ok kids, let's go look for monkeys!"

"sorry, sarah joy, i'm pretty sure we'll find monkeys tomorrow"

"elijah, did you put deodorant on?"

"merry faye, please count out 178 pesos for the toll, thanks..."

"emma, are you ok? you tell mommy if you're gonna puke, ok?"

"katherine, there will be no puking in this van. katherine...are you gonna puke? kat??? somebody pass me a plastic bag, quick! and the wipes! oh sweetie, i'm sorry for you...

"julio, here's some more dishes to wash..."

"please get out of this galley, it's too hot in here to hang around. you guys play top deck."

"i think you have watched pink panther quite enough times, you guys. turn it off and go fishing or something."

"pedro, please....oh never mind. katherine, how do you say in Tagalog 'just put that aside, emma will drink it later?'"

"elijah, stop waving that bamboo pole around, you're going to put somebody's eye out."

"let's go look for monkeys"

"merry faye, pack the peanuts and the fruit loops and the bananas, please"

"julio, please go call kuya ramil, the toilet is backing up again"

"elijah, get off the cord for the aircon, you've disconnected it up there"

"let's go have some icecream, guys."

"please can you turn on the waterslide for the kids? thanks."

"sarah joy, i'm pretty sure we'll see monkeys tomorrow..."

"who threw their wet clothes on the floor in the bathroom?"

"sarah joy and katherine, stop fighting. and katherine, stop eating with your fingers."

"emma, please stay where mommy can see you in the pool."

"pedro, watch katherine please, she's coming down the slide. JULIO!!!"

"time for more sunscreen, elijah. yes, it is. come here right now or there will be consequences."

"merry faye, there will be no further activities until you have finished your math. that's final."

"there they are! there's the monkeys, sarah joy! no, don't stick your head out the window. just watch from in here."

"yeah! we finally saw the monkeys! now let's wave goodbye, and wave goodbye to the bats... and home to the boat we go!"

etc. etc. etc.

'twas a fun 5 days. i'm home now to have a vacation. :)

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Laurel said...

Hi Denie,

As always, I appreciated your comments on my blog today. I wanted to let you know that, in general, the orphanages that I have been to in Ghana do not even try to hide the fact that the physically abuse the children. They don't see anything wrong with the punishments they choose. I have spoken with several parents who have observed things first hand.

In May, I was at an orphanage just for a few hour, and when I got back to the hotel and uploaded my pictures, I discovered that in the background of a picture I took of two sweet children, was the teacher caning (beating) another child. The teacher had given me permission to come into the classroom to take pictures, and he didn't care if I saw him beating the children. I was shocked, needless to say.

So sad!