Saturday, July 11, 2009

things i have said in the past 3 days

"ok, kids, we're gonna be there in 2 hours, everybody just relax, ok?"

"franz, can you please stop sneezing on the back of my neck? wipe your nose with a tissue. next time please just pull your tshirt up over your nose."

"julio, please pass the juice boxes up to the front here for the little girls."

"somebody please straighten up emma's carseat, it's falling over"

"sarah joy and katherine, please stop fighting."

"if you don't stop fighting, i am going to have to discipline you."

"sarah joy, do not jam your elbow in katherine's eye"

"katherine. if you grab that away from her again, i will be very upset. say you're sorry"

"sarah joy, say you forgive her. remember our devotions this morning?"

"merry faye, are you ok? do you need some water?"

"emma, are you ok? is the music too loud for you?"

"julio, please tell pedro to turn off the yellow light, it gets too hot"

"julio, please tell pedro to run to the van and get the water bottles"

"who put the tarp over the airconditioner? no wonder it's so hot in here."

"sarah joy, i'm sorry we haven't seen monkeys yet. nini is trying very hard to find the monkeys by driving down all these jungle trails."

"you guys, if you will sit very quietly, i will talk to the jungle and something will talk back to me. WHOO WHOO ...see, there it is..."

"that is the smell of bats, guys. its called "guano". yes, emma, "stinky guano"

"it's just a bird, merry faye, i don't think it's actually a monkey"

"yes, kids, nini does speak jungle"

"who pooped in this bathroom and didn't flush????"

"you guys, please finish all your food. there is no room for leftovers in the ref."

"franz, blow your nose."

"franz, i'm sorry you didn't catch any fish. i promise you, if you keep on trying, you will eventually catch fish."

"merry faye, is someone watching the new snail? i want to take him home for emma."

"pedro, would you please, oh never mind, julio please tell pedro to take these dishes outside and rinse them off"

"merry faye, did you take your medicine?"

"who pooped in this bathroom?????"

"what part of DO NOT STEP OFF THE BOAT BY YOURSELF do you not understand, girls?"

"katherine, please hang these up on the clips outside, thankyou"

"sarah joy, which video do you want to watch?"

"supper's ready"

"franz, put down the fishing line and come and eat."

"chocolate for everyone who cleans their plate...emma that means you too..."

"julio, merry faye and franz, get inside the van now and stop hanging out the windows, we're coming up to the guard house and the main highway"

"is it still raining?"

"who pooped in this bathroom????"

"emma, time for a nap with mommy."

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