Saturday, October 2, 2010

proof that i am indeed an alien.

at least in the eyes of Philippines Immigration.

but, thinking about this, and pondering the horrible photo that makes me look MARTIAN, i realized, i really am an alien.

not of this world.

anyone else out there remember a fresh-faced Christian rock band who came out with this album back in the 70's?


not of this world.

let me hum a few bars.

"we are strangers, we are aliens,......

we are not of this world..."

*grins evilly*

took my kids and youth group to the PETRA concert in Saskatchewan all those many years ago...sat through the whole thing with tissues in my ears so they wouldn't bleed...but the ride home in the starlight across the dark prairies with all the kids sleeping in the back brought that theme throbbing back over and over...

we are not of this world.

despite the awful photo on my alien card, i am happy to be one.

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