Thursday, September 30, 2010

this is a picture of a 60-year-old, slightly dowdy-looking woman standing in the future doorway of the only new home she will ever have, presently being constructed.

yes, me.

my first new home.

i also climbed up a rickety 1x6 ladder to the second story, where i took this picture of the first and only rooftop garden i shall ever own, too.

i am anticipating, it would seem.

most people have done with all of this in their 30's, 40's...some young couples build new homes before they're even married.

seems kind of wasted, to me.

youth is wasted on the young.

when i think of all the places i've lived. some nice, some not so nice. i've made homes- homey little homes- out of basement suites, tiny condos, ugly barnlike structures...and the nicer ones- i've attempted to create my own little version of better homes and gardens.

but this time.

i really hope to create.

a home. a garden. a paradise.

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