Saturday, October 23, 2010

there was a lovely sentence in my devotions this morning...

"THAT morning's sun will get rid of a lot of fog..."

mornings here in the country are sometimes a bit foggy, misty, or smokey with the pungent scent of burning rice-straw.

sometimes the world seems to be covered in mist...fog...or smoke...where the line between truth and lies is obscured and we walk with outstretched hands cautiously feeling our way towards the light.

but there is coming a morning, a glorious morning, when all will be clear.

now we bravely shine the light of the Book on the mist and fog and see it dissipate-

but how fantastic it will be when all is clear.

when we will know as we are known.

when we will see each other, and Him, face to face...

"i see you" deeply.

when the glass is no longer there between us, darkly...

THAT morning's sun will indeed get rid of a lot of fog.

maranatha, Lord Jesus.

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