Monday, January 25, 2010

still waters

unless God has called you to be in the midst of an emergency, 24-7, you just can't do it.

in my varied life, i've spent decades in disaster mode. NO MORE.

there is a quiet place of mind, emotions, and being that is good to settle into. i do that. i still keep up on the news of disasters...i watch the news...i check on line...but, I DO NOT HAVE THE GRACE TO STAY THERE IN THE NEWS, because that is not where God has put me right now. i am not, bless his heart, ANDERSON COOPER.

God has put me in a quiet pasture, beside still waters. literally.

i am on a boat. i am on the water. there is nothing exciting going on around here. a little child playing. making meals. answering emails. going to the grocery store. walking, swimming, picking flowers.

waking to the sun and going to sleep to the stars.

that's the place i am right now.

and it's good. it's normal. i can't be where the action is. (used to be, but i think all my adrenaline got consumed.)

thank you, Shepherd Lord, for the quiet places, the still places, the normal everyday places.

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Salzwedel Family said...

Sounds like a great place to be!

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