Sunday, January 17, 2010

rescue- too little too late

these tiny blood-red roses i would have given to this little girl...had i been there. i would have placed them in her outstretched hands as she went to her grave too soon- needlessly.

i saw her face, dusty, drained, desperate. she was trapped under concrete and an iron bar. she screamed. cried. prayed. her family and friends were desperately digging to get her out of the rubble of the earthquake in Haiti.

they did get her out, but cut off her foot to do it. hours later, in between medical stations where she got no help, this little girl died screaming "mama, don't let me die!"

of all the things i've seen on the coverage of this disaster, this bothers me the most. the eyes of a child who knows she is dying are horrific.

God have mercy.

if you want to help Haiti, go to this blogspot and donate by commenting. For every comment, Hilda has a contact that will give $10 to Haitian relief.

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