Saturday, January 16, 2010

help for Haiti

this apparently is a blogspot where the woman has a connection to government funding, and $10 will be donated to haiti help for every comment left on any post. worth a shot.

my heart is breaking over and over. especially this morning, to hear that friends of ours had just flown in to Haiti, were on their way to the hotel, and a wall fell on the car. the driver was killed and our friends were injured. they somehow got into the Dominican Republic and are receiving medical care. They were supposed to attend a large convention - which, if it had pushed through, would have no doubt meant thousands of people in the convention center would have been injured or killed.

God have mercy. God have mercy.

The eyes of the little girl whose foot was trapped and they cut her out yesterday, but she died within hours due to lack of medical care, haunt me. The eyes of a dying human being are like nothing else in the world.

God have mercy. God have mercy.

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