Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i feel like that often...especially now watching the news of our beloved Haiti.

i just want to be there, deep over my head in medical situations. i lived "MASH" for 15 years running our clinic here in the Philippines, and i miss it.

but this is not my role now. my role is to pray from the safety of my home, and to raise awareness. and to do it without chafing and fretting that i am no longer in the midst of all the action.

this devotional this morning helped me to settle down and realize that even Jesus spend most of his life doing ordinary things, waiting for his moment.

"Yeshua lived for thirty years amid the happenings of the little town of Nazareth. Little villages spell out their stories in small events. And He, the young Prince of glory, was in the carpenter's shop! He moved amid the humdrum tasks, petty cares, village gosspi, trifling trade, and He was faithful in that which was least.

If these smaller things of life afford such riches of opportunity for the finest Royalty, all of our lives are wonderfully wealthy in possibility and promise. Even though our house is furnished with commonplaces, it can be the home of the Lord all the days of our life."

Dr. J. H. Jowett
Springs in the Desert

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