Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day is coming.

I miss my mother.

She's been gone almost 20 years, and I miss her every single day.

She died too early...she never saw the things I wanted to show her.

She's never seen my baby girl.

She's never seen where I live, here across the world...

I want her in my kitchen, sipping tea at the table and us talking about nothing and everything.

I want to see her at the stove, the garden, weeding on her knees as she loved to do...

So many experiences we'll never share again.

Mother's Day is coming, and my heart longs for a mother.

But there is still joy- because she loved me.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...I miss you...

As the hand is made for holding
and the eye for seeing
You have fashioned me for joy.

Share with me the vision
that shall find it everywhere

in the wild violet's beauty
in the lark's melody
in the face of a steadfast man
in a child's smile
in a mother's love
in the purity of Jesus.

(Gaelic prayer)

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