Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Knows

Another morning flushes into dawn,
In fiery heat-waves climbs the sun on high,
The dew begins to sparkle on the lawn,
A feathered chorus twitters from nearby.

Within the house, the early morning bustle
Of children washing, rushing, finding clothes,
Creates a loud and cheerful-sounding hustle,
That can be quite exhausting, Mother knows!

There are the many lunches to be made,
The porridge to be dished out, Baby fed,
The squabbles of the little boys delay
The action, and the time has onward sped-

But finally, all six are off to school.
The housework can be tackled, dishes done,
The morning flies by being worked to death
As Mother tries to keep up with the sun.

And so the day speeds by, how fast it goes!
Yet each small deed, each smile, each task well done
Is laid for heaven’s foundations, Mother knows,
And will be counted when the earth is gone.

Yes, Mother knows…

She knows the thrill of each wee baby clasp,
The joy of eyes that glow with childish glee;
The sweetness of a unity in work-
And yet…

She also knows heartaches and pain,
The weary oppression of each day in a messy house
Full of sick and whining babies;
The fears that crowd her mind and tears that fall,
The worn spot on the floor where she has knelt
When the burden became too heavy.

But some day, as she stands before the throne
Of One who judges all, both quick and dead,
He’ll say, “Here is your crown”,
And Mother will take it, shining with eight glorious stars.
For she has led her eight children safe into the fold
Of God’s great love.

She has guided the souls entrusted to her care
Into the harbor, where they will be
Safe home at last.

written by Denie, age 13.

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