Sunday, May 16, 2010

i have a traveling husband.

for the past 40 years of marriage, there have been many separations due to his work. he's jaunted all over the world, starting shortly after we were married. he's been to many exotic places, where he's preached and had adventures.

i have mostly stayed home with the kids. my choice, and my preference. i'm a homebody. i have no need to go to exotic places- i'm blessed enough to live in one.

thinking over this lifestyle, i've come up with a slightly silly list of some good things and some bad things about having a traveling man.


-i don't have to cook
-no dirty clothes on the bathroom floor (ALMOST in the hamper)
-quiet evenings when i can stay up as late as i want
-time to do crafts/writing/shopping without thinking of when he'll be home and wanting to see me
-long bubblebaths uninterrupted, except for emma...
-nobody walking around behind me shutting off lights and aircons
-i can jump in the van and take off at a moment's notice to pretty much anywhere i want


-nobody to make my evening cup of tea
-having to pay bills/deal with business things all alone
-no muscle around to open jars and pry things loose
-nobody to talk to except emma- and she's just 3
-i have to be responsible for vehicle situations that sometimes arise (scary)
-answering dumb phone calls for him from telemarketers
-wondering what he's doing at any given moment
-worrying about his safety/health when i don't hear from him for days at a time

i see there is one more negative than positive. that's interesting. perhaps i should go over it and make it, i'll leave it the way it is. stream of consciousness and all that.

well...this is our life. we are happy with our choice, and we roll with what God has given us. no point in point in whining.

even emma is used to it now...she ordered "chocolate and cookies" when he left tonight for india- again. and once she told a nice fellow we met that "my daddy is india". hmmm. he was at the time, but she made it sound like that's where he lived!

so i guess what i'm trying to say is: there are some good things and some bad things about him being gone a lot...but the best is that he always comes back home. and that's so nice.

the end.


Melinda said...

Isn't that the definition of contentment - to know there are pro's and con's about every choice and stage in life?

You sound like you've found that peace!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

With our Papa living separately for the past 7 weeks (because of the job situation), we are trying to keep a light hearted list of the "positives" ... like letting the kids eat Mac & Cheese and things like that.

But, the negative list is definitely longer than the positive list.

Laurel :)