Monday, March 1, 2010

emergency room

saturday night, 11 pm, i woke from a sound sleep with a pounding heart and a feeling like i could not breathe.

waited for it to go away.

went out to the living room, tried to watch tv, no improvement.

woke up dennis to pray for me. sitting there on the side of the bed, i really couldn't hardly get my breath. (yes, i know that's a double negative.)

finally, i started to panic a bit and woke him up again and said "honey, i need to go to the hospital".

fortunately, we are only 5 minutes away.

i honestly don't remember what happened. it's like a dream. i kept longing for my bed at home. i was cold. i was miserable. i was scared.

i guess they did a quick ECG and it was normal. the sweet little doctor said i should go off caffeine and follow up with a cardiologist. which i will do. then we came home.

for the next 24 hours, i felt awful. throbbing in my throat, headache. tired. just awful.

today, i feel better. perhaps it was just a caffeine overdose.


good health is a treasure.

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