Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little girls, little boys...

emma keeps getting beat up on. almost every time lately that she's been in a public place, a little boy comes up and smacks, socks, or pushes her.

she weeps. she roars. she bites, occasionally. not that i blame her.

she must have a sign on her little forehead that says "beat me up".

daddy says it's because all little boys are mad at their moms and are getting even with the female gender wherever they can.


i think i shall teach her martial arts in self-defense.

or at the very least, how to REALLY sink those pearly whites into flesh.;)

and then to forgive, of course, and be friends, and all that.

it's hard to be three, small for your age, and have that sign on your forehead.

be brave, baby girl. some day you will be able to defend yourself. some day, soon.

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