Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this used to be my life...seems like so very long ago...

September, 2003

Here are some updates from Gentle Hands Clinic:
• “Nicole” (who is Italian) gave birth to her second Gentle Hands baby, “Liwayway”. Her first baby “Victoria” was born in a waterbirth at Gentle Hands but after the birth Nicole developed complications and was hospitalized. Both her back-up doctors advised her not to have natural childbirth again, but she was determined- and she succeeded!

• “Erlymyrr” had a C-section with her first baby because it was in breech position. Her second baby was a gentle waterbirth at Gentle Hands with no complications. “Maria Pearl Myrr” was normally born with our midwives attending.

We are grateful for the skill of our trained midwives who have faith in God and in the women as they labor and bring forth their babies into the world.

The “D.A.V.I.D.” boys are learning to sew! Twice a week a teacher comes to show them how to operate the new donated machines. Right now they are working on potholders. It is awesome to see them learning a trade that will provide an income for their lives.

Our special baby, “Raynold”, who was dropped off at the door of the clinic by his mom for Charity to adopt, has gone to stay at Sun & Moon Orphanage until he is adopted out. Ate Elizabeth looked after him for 6 weeks- he has a heart condition and was in very poor shape when she got him. He is fat and cute and doing well now.

In August we had 32 babies born! The midwives did 65 baby check-ups, 278 prenatals, and there were 28 graduates from our “Responsible Motherhood” class as well as 10 from the refresher course.

Thank you again for your help and faithful giving to keep us doing this ministry!

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