Thursday, February 18, 2010

a little heart speaks...

tonight as emma and i were snuggled together watching the stars, she softly said, "i'm so glad you're my mommy". i had to catch my breath with the sheer beauty of it- she repeated it again...i answered, after a long pause..."oh emma, i'm so glad you're my daughter..."

it makes motherhood worth it all to hear these words. even a little three and a half year old understands that she loves and is loved, and she is grateful. that is emma's most outstanding quality..."gratefulness". she wasn't yet 24 hours old before i recognized that this little baby was so thankful, so appreciative, so undemanding. and i loved her for it.

tonight, i savor those words in my heart, and i will never forget that special moment. it's moments like that, when you realize there is nothing...NOTHING...more important than being a mommy, and doing your very best at it.

love you, baby girl!

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