Saturday, August 21, 2010

yellow is actually my favorite color.

most people think it's pink (my favorite, not the color yellow), but i only like pink in specific places, like t-shirts, flowers, office walls, purses, shoes, lipstick, teddybears, etc.

although pink is a happy color, and makes me feel just wonderful when i see it, i love yellow better.

i'm not sure why. my mom's favorite color was yellow. lots of my family's favorite color is yellow. perhaps it's genetic?

perhaps because i have such vivid childhood memories of bright yellow mustard on sandwiches...of the winnie-the-pooh yellow of our kitchen walls...of the golden winged child i saw myself as in my mind's eye...

not sure.


the other day i was thinking of all the yellow things i love.

my yellow blanket. it's just the right shade of yellow, warm and bright and cosy.

i love my yellow nightshirt. a cross between mustard and lemon, and Mickey on the front. and a hole in it. so comfy and simple.

i love my yellow lampshade on my desk. bought for me by my's the color of lemon-meringue pie and is just delicious.

speaking of lemon-meringue pie, i just know that heaven is going to be full of that delectable food. tables of it. acres of it. mmmmm.

and lemonade. crystal clear and sweet, but not too sweet.

turmeric. an earthy pungent piquance, that stains your fingers and tastes divine in almost everything.

yellow roses. daffodils. marigolds. buttercups. orchids. poppies. tulips. all in a wild variety of shades of that one scrumptious color- yellow.

my favorite poet emily dickenson wrote:

NATURE rarer uses yellow
Than another hue;
Saves she all of that for sunsets,—
Prodigal of blue,

Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly,
Like a lover’s words.

small things are so lovely in yellow.

a teapot- i've been searching for years for a yellow teapot.

a lemon. the shape of it. the texture of the skin. the smell. a yellow smell.

sunshine is yellow. what could be happier than that?

and above all...yellow is the color of the polkadots my mom painted on her brown linoleum floor one long bitter winter when she was sad and longing for spring...and there they stayed for decades!

i love the color yellow.

the end.

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