Monday, August 16, 2010

i've done it before, homeschooling.

for various reasons...firstly because my joshie quit kindergarten- yep, just came home one day and refused to ever go again (not that i blame him, the teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom, ever, when he needed to, so he had a couple of accidents which were absolutely humiliating for a little 5-year-old boy)...and i never made him go back.

then we moved overseas, and when i discovered that to attend the MK school nearest us they'd have to get up at 5 am and travel an hour back and forth, josh and his sister were released from all compunction to go to school anywhere except at our diningroom table until they were older.

so for a year i homeschooled them.

then again on our furlough year when we traveled all over North America in a huge rig (truck/trailer) and they both had tiny little desks in the tiny back room of the trailer, and i would sometimes let them ride back there illegally while we were on the road and do their assignments.

fun times.

then about 3 years ago i homeschooled my grandson jason and his friend while they lived with us- for about 8 months. now that i wouldn't want to do again. i did my best, but j is hearing impaired and his friend is learning impaired and i had a hard time all around, especially with baby emma demanding much of my attention at the time.

i don't know how the homeschooling moms with MSC do it. i really don't. (many small children.)

i have, however, bravely begun homeschooling emma. yay for me. and yay for her. we have various reasons for this that i won't go into (well, ok, the school is sooo far away, and we are moving house, and she is so little, and i want to keep her home one more year at least, and ...and...and...see?)

i had forgotten the thrill of little eyes opening wide with delight as the mind absorbs new thoughts and exciting ideas. at 4, emma is so eager to learn. we shall take it slowly, this first few weeks, so as not to burn out (mostly mommy, of course) but i think...i's gonna be a good year.

the best reason for living is to change the life of one child.

ABC's, here we come! ;)))))

oh, and i did forget to say that in 3 weeks i'll be 60.

so there.

never too old to begin again!

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