Wednesday, June 2, 2010

we're back from malaysia. it was a wonderful trip.

i must share the story of christina tan, our host, and her husband han peng. i asked her permission to share, and she graciously agreed. "all to the glory of God" she said.

christina is a sweet, generous woman of God. she has a great sense of humor. she drove us many km in her car to tour us, entertained us royally, and made us feel at home in her beautiful house (which i would highly recommend as a 5 star "hotel" for ministry)

5 years ago christina was diagnosed with breast cancer. she had a mastectomy. then a few months later the cancer cells showed up in her spine and her liver. she was STAGE 4...the terror-filled words that nobody wants to hear.

christina had two young children, nicole and joshua, at the time. she did not want to die. she educated herself on cancer...did all the right things...went through chemotherapy for ten months, and unbelievably, was declared cancer free.

she remains cancer free to this day. it was her 5-year anniversary last sunday when we were there. she and i sat by the pool and she told me her whole story...God had given me a word for her previously, before i knew, that "she sees life from a different perspective." indeed she does.

her life now is dedicated to being what God has called her to be; a wife, a mom, and a GIVER OF HOSPITALITY. she has that gift. she and her husband, the amazing and multi-faceted HAN PENG, also have the gift of giving.

it was worth the trip just to meet christina and her family. a forever friend!

love you, christina.

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