Monday, June 7, 2010

we play a game at our house sometimes, called THE SMARTIE GAME.

we usually play it after dinner, when everyone is here. we made up the rules ourselves, and i make no apologies for the content.

everyone gets a tablespoon full of tiny smarties. you separate them by colors, and count up each color. then play as follows: there is an activity for each color. the one with the most smarties of that color must do the activity. if not willing to do it, they must pass their smarties of that color to a person who is willing to do the activity. OR ABLE TO.

red: kiss the person on your right. THIS CAN BE LOTS OF FUN WHEN YOU HAVE BOYS SITTING BESIDE EACH OTHER or shy girls, or strangers, or whomever.

yellow: stand on your head.

orange: burp/belch loudly.

green: fart. (this one is often passed HAHAHA as most people cannot fart at will, altho elijah can, and does.)

blue: run up and down the stairs of our building, all the way to the basement and back up. a watcher is appointed to make sure you go down to the cars.

purple: ICECREAM! only the winner gets the icecream, a trip downstairs to mini-stop for the special waffle cones.

this is fun game... try it with your family and make some hilarious memories!

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