Friday, June 4, 2010

today is a good day.

a little child has had a miracle- his tiny heart with the huge hole in it has been repaired- and Baby Ryan is on the way to his new HEALTHY life.

he has struggled to survive for the whole 9 months he's been here on this earth. Baby ryan was abandoned at birth in a government hospital; my daughter Charity got him along with 3 other babies from the same hospital all at the same time. Gentle Hands is one of the only foundations that takes kids with no record or kids who are sick...but she was told he was healthy. UH HUH.

incomplete records. silence about the fact that he had a heart condition. no knowledge of his fragile condition until he ended up with pneumonia that almost took his life.

through a series of miracles, Gentle Hands was given the funds for his surgery and the pieces all fell into place.

Today, Baby Ryan's heart was fixed.

Makes me stop and think.

We all are born with huge holes in our hearts. We are abandoned...lied about...left on our own...because of the darkness of the world we are born into.

Through a series of miracles, we come into contact with someone who cares enough to arrange for us to have the critical surgery that will fix our heart.

a friend, a family member, a church...someone takes us in and tells us about the DOCTOR who does these very special heart repairs.

Jesus does the rest.

it's expensive; it cost Him his own life...but it means we live eternally with a brand new heart.

Baby Ryan is living proof and a perfect example of the love of the Father and the sacrificial healing of the Son. All orchestrated by a Holy Spirit who broods over the darkness of our lives and finds a way to fix our broken hearts.

It's a good day.

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