Tuesday, June 23, 2009

theology according to sarah joy

my granddaughter sarah joy was at my house today. her latest thing is to sing everything...she sings to herself, loudly, and makes up little songs about everything.

i happened to hear her singing this: "jesus is my fairy godmother..."

i didn't say anything. why disturb a 4-year-old's idea of jesus. if that's what she thinks he is, that's ok. it wasn't the time for a theology lesson, she was happily chanting away to herself and it was very sweet. i'll leave the straightening out to her mom and dad. where she got the idea i don't know, but all in due time it shall be clear to her.

i wondered about my own theology though...

do i sometimes think of jesus as a fairy godmother?... with a magic wand that will fix everything and make the bad stuff go away in a cloud of blue sparkly mist?

hmmmm. perhaps my theology needs a little adjustment once in a while too.

jesus, thank you that you are not a fairy godmother. you SO don't wave magic wands. but you are there when i "just call out your name", and i will never turn into a pumpkin on your watch. (how's that for mixing metaphors...)

thanks, sarah joy, for reminding nini of who jesus really is, and who he isn't!

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