Wednesday, June 10, 2009

being real

one of the blogs i have followed for months has turned out to be a scam. i have even emailed the author several times and had replies. turns out it's all false, an emotional fiction used to get money. (not from me tho) i am amazed. shocked. saddened. frustrated. confused. horrified that this woman, in the name of christ, has pulled the wool over people's eyes with brilliant writing, excellent timing, and no slip-ups till the very very end of the drama.

see mckmama's blog for

it makes me stop and think, however...

how real am i?

how transparent am i?

how accountable am i?

how much do i "use" emotional appeal to make people see me or my work in a favorable light?


lord, help me to be honest.

help me to see the danger in my own heart to twist things, to exaggerate things, to tell white lies or half-truths for the sake of material gain or to feed my own emotional needs.

help me not to hide behind anonymity.

help me to be just who i am, and to be accountable for my words, deeds, and thoughts.


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