Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the old post

this is a poem i wrote when i was about 12 years old. my sister-in-law told me the other day that she has set it to music! of all my poems, it seems to be everyone's favorite, i'm not sure why. there is an image in my mind of this old post, silvery-gray and slightly tilted, standing out in our farm field. my vivid child's imagination must have been inspired. here it is, unedited!

The Old Post

Standing in a lonely field
Over which the crows have keeled
Within you lies a secret sealed
You old, old post!

You look so lonesome, so forlorn;
The grass about you all is worn,
You stand from evening until morn,
You faithful, old post!

Perhaps a swallow’s downy nest
Has rested on your grey old chest,
And baby birds launched from your crest,
You staunch old post!

You watch the seasons come and go
With wonders marvelous and lo!
The spring, the summer, fall, and snow.
You staunch old post.

Yes, standing in that lonesome field
Over which the crows have keeled
A precious secret lies deep-sealed,
You old, old post.

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