Wednesday, March 24, 2010

you know takes discipline to blog daily, or even frequently. many days i open up this little white box and think:

"i don't have anything to say..."

"i have something to say, but it can't be said on the world wide web..."

"i am not in the mood to write..."

etc, etc, etc.


a writer writes.


my little girl has had a relapse of the flu. maybe i'll take her to the doctor tomorrow.

lots of wonderful developments in our lives- plans, fulfillments, progress in some areas after many years of waiting...

i do have things to write.

i'm just plain lazy, i guess.

i get tired of reading the blogs with the give-aways...the "so how many of you have days when you don't feel like writing..." questions...

in fact, i get tired of reading blogs.

but i'm addicted.

sort of.

this is a dumb post.


i'll press "publish" and let the world see how seriously jaded my brain is today. must be the flu. me and emma (yes, i know that's a grammatical error but i like the way it sounds) both have it. cough cough cough.

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