Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i haven't posted for 5 days because i've had my grandkids here on their spring break.

they are leaving tonight.

the house will be quiet, and tidy, and i will not have to be breaking up fights every few minutes.

there will no longer be a "fort" made of pillows, blankets, chairs, a pop-out tent, and a crawl tube that takes up ALL the space in the livingroom.

nobody will be walking around with andy the rooster petting him and feeding him garlic.

nobody will be playing with the dogs constantly and causing dogfights. (our dogs don't get along)

i won't have to bake cookies every single day.

i won't have to take them to the swimming pool, or on drives, or to the mall, or on walks, to make sure they aren't "bored".

no more games of our antique Generosity, hands down the best board game of all time because it teaches you how to store your treasure in heaven.

no more clutter, shoes everywhere, artwork scattered in every room, and all tv's blaring.

no more going for chocolate icecream at ministop every afternoon.

me and emma will go back to our quiet life of books, hours of uninterrupted play time, and once in a while a quiet walk.

it's been a great week. i love these kids. it's a privilege to have them here. i hope they had fun too.

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