Saturday, December 12, 2009


my 3-year-old daughter Emma loves to hear and say things over and over and over. Often when she speaks, it's in triplication..."Mommy, i needa go potty, i needa go potty, i needa go potty..." cute, and persistent, and repetitive.

it being christmastime, we are reading christmas stories. she has fixated on several christmas themes during this year, probably because it's the first year she's really understood a teeny bit of what it's all about. she effortlessly weaves together santa and the baby Jesus...and she's jumped from frosty the snowman, to the christmas star Alabaster (max lucado's story), and now- we are fixated on the little drummer boy.

every night. we read it. over and over and over. now she knows it all by heart, and tries so hard to get her little tongue around the "pa rum-pa-pum-pum"...and her little black eyes become round and astonished at "i have no gift to bring"...then brighten up at "shall i play for you (pa rum pa pum pum)? on my drum?" and she nods solemnly and approvingly at the final page as I read "then...he smiled at me (pa rum pa pum pum), me and my drum..." and as my voice lowers to a whisper, she looks at the picture of the little drummer boy marching off into the distance and the smiling baby, and we wait quietly while she- meditates.

it led me today to begin to think about emma's technique of's meditation, in a way. hearing it over and over until it becomes meaningful.

i'm ashamed that i don't fixate on the Word like emma fixates on the little drummer boy, this week at least.

i, like emma, need to meditate on the word. over and over and over. pa rum pa pum pum.

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