Tuesday, December 8, 2009

for those of you in the frozen north...

written after a surprising skate on fake ice here in the tropics! at a mall...believe it or not...it made me recall my early childhood days of skating- the only sport i truly loved...

I’d forgotten
How it hisssses
And sssspitsss
And scccrapesss
And glaresss with
Cccracccckky eyesss
As you skate over it…

Blackkk depthsss
Reach up
To a thin veneeeeeer
Of cccrysssstal
That sssupportsss my ssskkkates

I am comforted by the deeeep cccrisssscccrossss anglesss
Of jagggged xxxx’s-
It’s thickkkk enough
To hold me…

Ha ha…
Sssspittt away
Hissss if you likkke

I’ll ssskkkate on you
Till ssspring!

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