Wednesday, December 1, 2010

funny, the things that make me cry.

laughing really hard makes me cry.

the wind in the grass at sunset makes me cry.

watching my baby girl sleep makes me cry.

and, this week, losing a precious pet is making me cry frequently.

tigger died.

suddenly. unexpectedly. in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

kind of off in the morning, worse by afternoon, took him in and he was gone.

he was a bouncy, happy dog. a cheerful, smiling dog. even with that beagle look of droopy face and sad eyes, he was full of life and mischief and spark.

our little doggie. faithful, friendly, funny doggie.

we laid him to rest in the gentle earth, and i'm going to plant a tree on his grave and get a little headstone that says:

a little dog with a big heart
always loved, never forgotten.

and...i'm crying again.

don't even tell me dogs don't go to heaven. because i know they do.

1 comment:

J said...

at least i know where i get it from. sigh. :)