Saturday, April 11, 2009


enjoying my emma so's taken her almost all of "two" to be able to hold up two fingers, and now she said to me proudly yesterday, "i'm big, mom...i'm two ones!" as she held up those two little brown fingers, both hands (so it's actually four)

when asked her name, she sometimes jumps to the next question's answer and does the fingers...and when asked how old she is, "emma....rose...hepper" (she can't do the n and p together so the n gets left out)

such a treasure of a little person. her black curls, her brown skin, her twinkly black eyes, her happy personality, bring joy day after day after day. even when she was so sick, she didn't cause me grief...she lay hot and silent day after day in my arms while the bacteria invaded her tiny body...thank God for antibiotics, or we would have lost her.

i look forward to the years ahead with such joyful anticipation. taking nothing for granted, i expect every milestone, every achievement, every passage of life, to be nothing less than wonderful. just as it was for the other kids.

it's just that because i'm older, and smarter, and less rushed, each moment is savored like a delicious melting mouthful of chocolate (let's not go there...)

love you, baby girl, every minute.


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